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Each project is distinct, with an emphasis on fashion, interior design, and lifestyle. Our clients and us want the same thing: to create both inclusive and exclusive works of art.


9. Christian Dior

© image by WWD
New York City / 2020
Project: Digital strategies

                In partnership with Dentsu X Luxe, a Dentsu X division, Weber researched and analyzed the opportunities for their high-end customer Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH). This project examined the unavoidable consequences of the Covid-19 crises and the opportunities they create for the digital luxury landscape of Christian Dior Americas.

© image by Christian Dior
            This project's primary objective was to determine whether Christian Dior was required to implement a specific digital marketing strategy in order to increase online leads during the global COVID-19 crisis. Here both primary and secondary sources were utilised for this study, in which he analyzed the current international processes in use and conducted a number of in-depth interviews with field experts. Weber presented a 110-page analysis, conclusion, and a number of recommendations for the American strategy. The most inspiration was drawn from Christian Dior's digital marketing strategies in China and Japan, as they had the greatest impact on online lead generation and sales.